“I used to walk everywhere…now I ride everywhere”

C360_2014-02-08-15-33-18-407It takes about 15 minutes and “a lot of hills” for Andy Barclay, 28, to ride the 5km that separate his home in Edgecliff from Cafe Giulia, in Sydney, where he works (and where the inspiration for this blog started). A trained actor, he is one of the co-directors of the Australian horror film The Hairyman, which is currently in pre-production and looking out for funding. If you have an appetite for Australian cinema of up and coming talents you should consider looking into it. They plan to start filming in April this year.

Andy was kind enough to share his bicycle porn experiences, that open up this new section called “The Pedal Files,” where interesting/amusing characters will explain their adventures on their bicycles. These are the final days of Andy and his black single speed Reid bike, as he just purchased a better one, this time a Hillbrick Track.

When and how did you start cycling?

I got my first bicycle about a year and a half ago. I play AFL [Australian Football League] and I wanted something to maintain my fitness level while off season so it was more of a way to keep fit. It was a fairly cheap bike that I got from a colleague and it only cost me 200 dollars. At the beginning it was really clunky and it would always clunk on me, so I had to change the pedals. I also added a new handlebar.

What do you use your bicycle for, now? 

Before getting the bike, I used to walk anywhere while now I ride everywhere. I use it to go to work and also to go on longer journeys. I pick a place from a map, a place I’ve never been before, and ride for about 50 or 60km. Or some other times I chose a bike shop I want to check out and ride there.

Do you think you are part of a social movement?

Not really, as I mostly ride by myself. I wouldn’t mind riding with friends though. Now I want to see how fast I can go, so I will try to look for a place in Sydney where I can do track cycling.

It’s compulsory in Australia to wear a helmet. Do you see it as fashion or protection?

I always wear a helmet. I had an accident about three months ago, when a woman opened her car door on me. Luckily, I was on my way up a hill so I was riding very slowly…

What’s your favourite thing about cycling?

I love to feel my breath as I’m riding very fast!

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