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A New Bicycle Porn Year

13 Jan


Bicycles in love.


First time I can say I ate bicycles for lunch.


Let’s begin this year by sharing some loove (like that, loooooooooove) like those two fine bicycles above are doing on the streets of London. They belong to my beautiful friend J.E. and her boyfriend (also beautiful I’m told), J.

My second weekend of this new year has been sort of sweet and sour. Sweet because I got to dance a lot and specially because I  was lucky enough to have some of my closest friends around a table to share a spinach lasagna I cooked (they said it was good but honestly speaking I would tag it as mediocre). We ended up eating, laughing and talking for almost five hours, then I had a nap and woke up at midnight, just in time to get dressed and meet my friends A. and L. who were sadly leaving on new adventures. A. is a journalist who is going moving to Brazil and L. is off to Oslo to start a new life surrounded by blondes. It’s a matter of tastes yeah.

Since my last entry, my bicycle has been doing pretty good. In fact I haven’t used the Metro, or any form of public transport, since I came back from the holidays. And thanks to the new bell I don’t need to be yelling at innocent (in reality I hate them all who get on my way) passersby which makes the whole thing a little less stressful. Barcelona is not flat. The north of the city can actually have a dramatic slope that’s why I am excited to say that I went the farthest up north I have ever been, I obviously got there sweating  despite the cold but I was proud I made it.

Looking at my 2013 To Do List (its vital importance for one’s life deserves the use of capital letters) I foresee a pretty busy year. For starters, as an ordinary mortal I joined a gym right after Christmas. And I am embarassed to admit it (less embarassed that I was the other day at funky dance class – will certainly don’t put myself through that again. Ever.) because is such an ordinary thing to do, join a gym at the start of the year. But anyways, so far I have been going quite a bit and I hope to become super strong in a few months so I can go even higher up north next time…

I wish for you an amazing year on wheels!! Happy 2013:-)


I’ve seen you before, Lady

19 Mar

Yes, yes I have.

Quite recently actually, I think Thursday. The purple one, I mean. It was going down carrer Balmes (a long street that pretty much crosses Barcelona from North to South).  Just a few minutes before I had seen a girl on a turquoise road bike so it was a bit like a dream on my way to Uni . Of course I was riding a Bicing bicycle (gosh they are ugly). This event made me think — one would assume here that my main worry in life are bicycles but don’t be fooled! Other serious stuff happens as well – i.e. which bicycle actually get and how to get the money for it. See? So yeah, it made me think that I can’t call myself a bike enthusiast unless I actually ride a bicycle that is worthy to put on this blog. With this in mind, I headed once again to La Bicicleteria (no website apparently), the vintage bicycle santuarium in Barcelona asking for the one I had been very close to buying. I made up my mind. The red Orbea had to be mine. And so I went. Thing is, the guy said to me that he sold it like a day after I refused to buy it. Is this an omen that I will never ride a decent bike in this city? I hope not.

To finish up with this post: the other day I was waiting on a traffic light –yes, sometimes I do wait– when I saw Simon, the organiser of the Spanish Bicycle Film Festival and mechanic at My Beautiful Parking (love their website by the way). He was obviously riding a cool road bicycle down the street and I stood there, motionless, on my Bicing looking like a loser. He recognised me and said ‘hi’ which was uplifting (it still felt like he was laughing at me though).

But yeah, I need a bike. And I know I keep saying it. This time for real though: got a list of second hand bike shops in Barcelona. And I will call them all until I find my love.

Boston in Pink

23 Dec

This is Boston! A brave addition to my bicycle porn collection.

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to update the blog, but these last weeks have been pretty hectic. Recently I was at the Bicycle Film Festival in its Barcelona edition which was quite fun. I had to write an article about the first screening, which was held on Friday 10th December. It was exciting to see all the people in Barcelona that is into fixies (well to be fair, also BMX’s) and specially have them all together in one place! I got to talk to the founder and director of the Festival and I also interviewed him, unware of his loath to be interviewed. I guess who doesn’t try, doesn’t get. I talked to the organiser of the event in Spain, a former bike courier and now bike mechanic at a bicycle shop in the city. One my new year resolutions is to rent one of the amazing fixed gears bikes and go for a long ride around Barcelona…I’m getting sick of the Bicing bicycles. They really have no personality! But they get me to places so I guess I can’t complain.

Anyway, I’ve got lots of new bicycle porn for you in the coming days waiting to be posted! My Christmas present:)

Oh by the way, I showed this blog to Simon the organiser at the BFF and he said that he made that funny seat for the bike I posted the other day! The world is a small place…

Happy Christmas from Bicycle Porn!!

Rouslun’s find in Toulouse

20 Nov

Rous is my bike dealer these days…He found this fine piece of metal in Toulouse. Which is great because I have a serious shortage of stunning bicycles lately. Not to sound dramatic but, why do Barcelonians have an obsession with folding bikes? I can’t help but looking at those tiny bikes with contempt…They so ugly! I mean, I know that a bicycle should be above all, functional, but unless they invent a bike that you can keep in your purse, I think there is no need to have a bike that can be folded: you have to give up to much. The wheels are so small, the seat is high up, the frame…well, there’s no frame to be fair. And the worst thing of all: when you ride a folding bike, there is no grace, no elegance!

On an other note, Conor sent me this:

It’s the bicycle porn galaxy!!

Dark knight at lunch time

2 Nov

So this morning I was, as I always do, heading towards Glòries (a shopping center near the famous Torre Agbar building) to buy my daily snack (aiming at keeping my brain functioning at least a little during class). That’s usually a Fuji apple and sometimes a parsimon, an exotic fruit that looks like an orange tomato and tastes deliciously sweet. I’m digressing here but the thing is, I was walking, when I passed by this beauty locked across one of the many luxury hotels in the area. I liked the sleek design of it, the simplicity of its frame and handle bar. I normally don’t feel particularly interested in black bicycles, but this one had the red cables…it made me imagine that the person who owns a bicycle like that must have a sense of humor. Who else would be a dark knight with a red helmet?

Conor’s bicycle

25 Oct

Despite what you might assume is Peru (judging from the animals in the background), this photo was taken in Berlin. A perfect example of what an awesome bicycle looks like to me: shiny frame, bull handlebars and, of course, a quirky saddle. I’m not completely objective here, since this bike belongs to my friend Conor so I guess I have more attachment to it than a random bike I found on the street. Conor changed this bike’s handlebars himself and I take the opportunity to congratulate him, because it looks great. This reminds me of the fact that I should join a bike workshop again (as I did in Sydney). I think I have forgotten all the mechanics I learned back then. And a bike lover is not complete until he or she understands the mechanics behind the aesthetics. To me, they both go hand by hand.

A special guest

22 Oct

We have a special guest today, since we’re back in Berlin. I’ve had the privilege to ride this bike a couple of times myself and perhaps due to the fact I survived, I feel a special connection to it. On both occasions I wasn’t at my best (let’s say I wasn’t aware of the danger of riding a tall bike with fixed gears) but one thing I do remember is how fast the pedals went. At one point I just raised my legs and let them spin until, slowing down bit by bit, I could take control again. It felt great, specially used as I was to my slow ‘city style’ bike. This bike goes fast, like very fast, and it’s not on your power to stop: avoid red lights at all costs and you’ll get wherever you have to go in the city probably faster than the U-Bahn. That’s what I liked about this bike, it felt more like a challenge than your my usual old-lady bike. Hitting the road was an adventure! No offence, Storm.

But anyway, this bicycle has a beautiful frame and I love the contrast of the handle bars in red. It only needs a rad seat like yesterday’s post to be perfect, right? You can tell I like eccentric looking bicycles:)


18 Oct

It’s been so hard to find a decent bicycle in Barcelona. It’s not like in Berlin, where fantastic bikes are ubiquitous among all sorts of people. To start with, here the “Bicing” bicycles (those that you can rent only for half an hour and then leave in any of the stations) are very popular. Then, the tedious mountain bikes are everywhere! However, every so often you do see a remarkable bicycle such as the one above. It’s definitely not my favourite but it deserves to be in this blog!

I’m having a beige day

27 Sep

Berlin, Deutschland

19 Sep

This is Berlin…