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BicyclePorn in India

4 Mar


India190213_37 India190213_45 copy

Always traveling the world in search of fresh and exotic bicycle porn, I ended up in India a few weeks ago.  It can be pretty intense to walk on the street in cities like Jodhpur, in the state of Rajasthan. The road and side-walk become one, where cows, cars, rickshaws, motorcycles, cyclists and pedestrians (including travelers freaking out) share the same space. Obviously you need to stop every 5 seconds because there’s no space for all. And cows have top priority, not you, of course. As elsewhere, bicycles are a cheap way to move around, but unfortunately I felt like pollution would be a challenge in some places. I also heard about some really good guided tours on bicycles in Delhi which promised to be fun and dangerous. Unfortunately I had no time on this trip. It’s on my list to do when I am next in India though. If there is one conclusion to the whole adventure is that I will be back, this time for longer.