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A New Bicycle Porn Year

13 Jan


Bicycles in love.


First time I can say I ate bicycles for lunch.


Let’s begin this year by sharing some loove (like that, loooooooooove) like those two fine bicycles above are doing on the streets of London. They belong to my beautiful friend J.E. and her boyfriend (also beautiful I’m told), J.

My second weekend of this new year has been sort of sweet and sour. Sweet because I got to dance a lot and specially because I  was lucky enough to have some of my closest friends around a table to share a spinach lasagna I cooked (they said it was good but honestly speaking I would tag it as mediocre). We ended up eating, laughing and talking for almost five hours, then I had a nap and woke up at midnight, just in time to get dressed and meet my friends A. and L. who were sadly leaving on new adventures. A. is a journalist who is going moving to Brazil and L. is off to Oslo to start a new life surrounded by blondes. It’s a matter of tastes yeah.

Since my last entry, my bicycle has been doing pretty good. In fact I haven’t used the Metro, or any form of public transport, since I came back from the holidays. And thanks to the new bell I don’t need to be yelling at innocent (in reality I hate them all who get on my way) passersby which makes the whole thing a little less stressful. Barcelona is not flat. The north of the city can actually have a dramatic slope that’s why I am excited to say that I went the farthest up north I have ever been, I obviously got there sweating  despite the cold but I was proud I made it.

Looking at my 2013 To Do List (its vital importance for one’s life deserves the use of capital letters) I foresee a pretty busy year. For starters, as an ordinary mortal I joined a gym right after Christmas. And I am embarassed to admit it (less embarassed that I was the other day at funky dance class – will certainly don’t put myself through that again. Ever.) because is such an ordinary thing to do, join a gym at the start of the year. But anyways, so far I have been going quite a bit and I hope to become super strong in a few months so I can go even higher up north next time…

I wish for you an amazing year on wheels!! Happy 2013:-)


…and Winter!

2 Nov

So here’s the surprise: a scary bicycle bell!


These days we are having guests at home, so I left my bicycle locked outside. I shouldn’t have been surprised as I left my apartment to see that some motherfucker had stolen the front wheel. For the second time! You know, I’m usually quite positive, I don’t think people are evil per se except in very rare occasions but when things like this happen I really can’t help but come to the conclusion that out there, there are people that are rotten inside. People that have no education, no manners whatsoever. Because…c’mon! What if I had to go to hospital or I had an important meeting to attend and I relied on my bike. I actually do rely on it! Well anyway, there’s no point in over-thinking the event too much. I just went and replaced it. And bought myself a cute bike key chain, and had a laugh with the guys at the store. No big deal. Just 130 bucks spent of wheels!!

So, moving on…my life is a little more exciting on the road thanks to that bell. I love seeing people jumping when I use it hysterically. Altough to be honest it’s not as effective as I envisioned (my idea was people looking at me ashamed to be on my way and apologizing repeatedly while I said something like “You are fine. But don’t do it again” looking like a good King – wild imagination huh), people in this city are absolutely into their own thoughts/music and most of the times don’t even realize it’s them I am using the bell for. Fools: step out of the bike lane.

And now that the cold weather is finally upon us, it’s time for a Winter rider outfit! Hence the photo, taken by my fellow rider and friend, V.
Hope you have an amazing weekend! I will work like mad but I will have one:)