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…and Winter!

2 Nov

So here’s the surprise: a scary bicycle bell!


These days we are having guests at home, so I left my bicycle locked outside. I shouldn’t have been surprised as I left my apartment to see that some motherfucker had stolen the front wheel. For the second time! You know, I’m usually quite positive, I don’t think people are evil per se except in very rare occasions but when things like this happen I really can’t help but come to the conclusion that out there, there are people that are rotten inside. People that have no education, no manners whatsoever. Because…c’mon! What if I had to go to hospital or I had an important meeting to attend and I relied on my bike. I actually do rely on it! Well anyway, there’s no point in over-thinking the event too much. I just went and replaced it. And bought myself a cute bike key chain, and had a laugh with the guys at the store. No big deal. Just 130 bucks spent of wheels!!

So, moving on…my life is a little more exciting on the road thanks to that bell. I love seeing people jumping when I use it hysterically. Altough to be honest it’s not as effective as I envisioned (my idea was people looking at me ashamed to be on my way and apologizing repeatedly while I said something like “You are fine. But don’t do it again” looking like a good King – wild imagination huh), people in this city are absolutely into their own thoughts/music and most of the times don’t even realize it’s them I am using the bell for. Fools: step out of the bike lane.

And now that the cold weather is finally upon us, it’s time for a Winter rider outfit! Hence the photo, taken by my fellow rider and friend, V.
Hope you have an amazing weekend! I will work like mad but I will have one:)