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Public display of bicycle porn

23 Jan

If I was walking down the street and saw this beauties lining up like that, I picture myself choking with pleasure. This row of fine bicycles is from the Tokyo bike shop in Surry Hills, Sydney.

By the way, I saw what will officially be as the most beautiful bicycle I’ve seen in my life. I was going back home, walking around Universitat, when I saw a guy riding a turquoise bicycle (kind of like this colour), just really sleek. All I could think of was running after him shouting “where WHEEERE did you buy it??” but  he was oblivious to my feelings for his bicycle, far away as he was, and kept riding. Then I lost him in the distance. I will never forget it though, and hope to see it again.

If you, bike owner, have that bike, please find me. (sorry for being creepy)

At Cafe Giulia

17 Sep

The owner of this amazing bike used to come to my neighbourhood’s cafe in Sydney. He inherited it from his father.

Zürich, Switzerland

17 Sep

The best ones are sometimes hidden!