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A handy tip from Paris

4 Nov

Another funny one! A big thanks to my friend Rous because this image is also a discovery for me: contrary to my prejudices, Parisians appear to have a sense of humor too. I mean, you have to, otherwise would you paint your bicycle in this shiny blue color? I like that the handle bar is exactly the same color as the frame, just as the chain is! This job requires a lot of skill, and the guy did it right. Which makes me think that a bike as flashy as this one would not survive more than a couple of hours in the rough streets of Barcelona. I’ve heard many horror stories about loss and pain after someone stealing one’s bikes. My flatmate got stolen his not one, not two, but three times! I remember how paranoid I was when I locked up by bike on the streets of Sydney. I think I’ll go crazy here, preoccupied about the safety of my two wheeled love. Must think of a plan! Now that I remember, there’s a guy who gives bike make-over to make it look like old and worthless. But how could I give up to a happy bicycle such as this one?