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Blue in Ciutat Vella

15 Mar

After seeing this, there’s hope for this city.

Yesterday I was riding to uni when I saw this guy, the exact prototype of what a ‘fixie’ should be: beard, vans, checked shirt, baseball hat and most importantly – awesome bicycle. Oh, and he even wore nerd glasses. I felt like I was in Sydney again, where “fixie guys” are ubiquitous in ‘trendy’ areas. Here are hard to see. But then, as I say, there’s hope for this city: an example is this beautiful bicycle, spotted by my colleague Dani. Oh by the way, Bicing is organising a photo contest and the deadline is in only a couple of days, I must think of something!! I thought of a video of two people on a bike but it would probably be considered as “against the rules” (boring). Anyway, I will think of something yes or yes!

Sorry about the rambling. It’s been raining hard for the last two days so I didn’t ride enough lately and this affects my bicycle porn mood…

Blue Spanish Bicycle in El Born

27 Nov

I think I might be getting worst at taking pictures, could it be? I saw this bike today on a walk with friends in El Born, one of the nicest areas of Barcelona. The bike owner was staring at me while I was taking the picture, because he was one of the people sitting at the cafe at back. My friends were slightly embarrassed at that point. How cool is the back of the bicycle all packed with stuff?

Dark knight at lunch time

2 Nov

So this morning I was, as I always do, heading towards Glòries (a shopping center near the famous Torre Agbar building) to buy my daily snack (aiming at keeping my brain functioning at least a little during class). That’s usually a Fuji apple and sometimes a parsimon, an exotic fruit that looks like an orange tomato and tastes deliciously sweet. I’m digressing here but the thing is, I was walking, when I passed by this beauty locked across one of the many luxury hotels in the area. I liked the sleek design of it, the simplicity of its frame and handle bar. I normally don’t feel particularly interested in black bicycles, but this one had the red cables…it made me imagine that the person who owns a bicycle like that must have a sense of humor. Who else would be a dark knight with a red helmet?


18 Oct

It’s been so hard to find a decent bicycle in Barcelona. It’s not like in Berlin, where fantastic bikes are ubiquitous among all sorts of people. To start with, here the “Bicing” bicycles (those that you can rent only for half an hour and then leave in any of the stations) are very popular. Then, the tedious mountain bikes are everywhere! However, every so often you do see a remarkable bicycle such as the one above. It’s definitely not my favourite but it deserves to be in this blog!