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Bicycle Porn moves on

26 Jul

road bicycle barcelonaI am a person of strong beliefs. I believe that people that depend on coffee to utter their first word in the morning, “I can’t talk before I have my coffe” style, don’t deserve my respect (i.e. are losers). I have a tendency to ramble from 5 until 9 am in the morning, which I’m not saying is great either. But I do love mornings. I talk shit in the mornings. I feel like the day has just begun (which is true really) and anything is possible. As the day goes on, my energy fades away. Until 7pm or so when it restarts, then by 11pm I need to sleep. I am a simple woman.

So, one of my personal beliefs had to do with change. Turning 30 is a major change. Not a cool one. But not a terrible one either. LIke, you are thirty, yes, but you are still young to everyone above 40 which is still the majority of the population. I am trying to come up with other advantages but can’t find any right now.

Well, I always believed that hitting the big 0 would mean two things:

1) I was not young anymore and since beauty fades with age, I would need to rely on eccentricity to get noticed (note: currently, as far as I know, I rely exclusively on my brain to get noticed). Thirty meant to me that I would get a “radical” haircut. I am very cautious with hair, so I would probably cut it to the ear length.

2) Sharing flat when you are 30 is not regarded as “fun” and “adventurous”. It means you haven’t grown up and your mum is still cooking for you and your freezer is full of her plastic containers with her food. Or that you eat your pasta with beetroot – just that, seriously. Seen it with my own eyes. Worst thing is I still ate my flatmate’s disgusting combination as snack when she wasn’t looking. Shame shame shame –  because you haven’t learned to use the stove on the first 30 years of your existence. Therefor I had decided a few years back that by 30 years old, I would have my own apartment.

Most of the times, things don’t work out the way we plan. And these are the news! I got my own place in the heart of Barcelona’s one and only ghetto, El Raval. I live on a fourth floor with no elevator, this means that Lightening spends her nights alone on the streets. Everyone that knows me a little, asked me the same question. “Where is your bicycle sleeping?”. Their main concern while I was going through the mental distress and chaos of becoming independent, was my bicycle.

Which is nice, I guess.

So far, it’s still there, with 2 locks now.

The bicycle above, was spotted in Raval. Just in front this very, very, hipsterish place called “Satan’s coffee corner” where I get my fortnightly coffee (obviously not daily, you know why now). Ran by a very nice dude who appreciates words like “dabuten”. This tells you a lot.

I have a lot of beautiful bicycles in the pantry!!! They will be published soon.

In the meantime…have a beautiful, sweaty summer :-)

Bicycle Porn travels to the beach

22 Aug


Like everyone else, Bicycle Porn likes being on holidays. Having a break by the beach, getting some sun. I was heading back from a day in Cala Saladeta (one of my favorite beaches in Ibiza) when I spotted this bicycle just resting under this tree, an old savina. Next to itthe owner was having a refreshment at the bar overlooking the see. Taking into account the arduous heat wave we are going through at the moment I need to point out that you really have to be insane to take the bicycle out. I keep myself away from the sun during the hottest hours (which is most of the day really). Life in the island begins only around 7pm. The rest of the day…we do as the bicycle above.

New Banner: Bicycle Porn grows up

18 Dec

New banner!!! And gorgeous photos!! I will never be grateful enough to E.  for his outstanding contribution to this blog. I know, dear reader, that you are used to mediocre photos (don’t worry, they’ll return eventually) but for once I wanted to offer you something special…consider it your Christmas gift:) I’m delighted to post photos such as the ones above.

And while admiring the photos, I realised that things I thought only happened in Berlin have their replication in Barcelona (see second photo)…bike planking maybe?

I’ve got a lot of interesting and very dirty material for 2012 so get ready! In the meantime….have a lovely Sunday!! Oh, and I hope you like the new banner. My friends C. and D. helped me with the inspiration/Photoshop tricks.

True love or fashion fad? Barcelona’s conundrum

13 Oct



Barcelona’s bicycle orgy is still rolling.

This is insane, unbearable. Too much of them, everywhere. Boys and girls with these sleek bicycles. I’m going crazy, my friends probably think I don’t care about their ramblings any more. Not true! I care. But I can’t avoid having my eyes spin around (not like I’m possessed more like I’m looking everywhere) in the hope of being able to observe the movement of the bicycle coming towards us, or the girl crossing the road with a racing bike. It’s really hard not to feel overwhelmed.

And it’s true. Something has changed in the city. Perhaps people are starting to value beauty and burned their mountain bikes, finally. Or maybe it’s this beautiful weather that forces common citizens to get their amazing bicycles from the garages, the ones that they’ve kept in the shadows for years. But I doubt that. I think it’s, unfortunately, a bit of a fashion fad what it’s happening here. I do however have hope that it won’t go away, just like everything that it’s “in” does.

What is more important, true love or being cool? I know. A bit metaphysical for being only lunch time but hey, these things must be questioned in order to survive.

For now, enjoy this gorgeous Orbea (see the font? Isn’t it a bit like Back to the Future? Love the 80’s touch). I know what you are thinking: the quality of the photo is unbelievable! I finally switched phones. After 10 months with a broken screen and difficulty receiving texts I decided it was time to upgrade. Now I belong to the smartphone gang. I know, so mainstream again.

That second photo is a little present from J. She became ecstatic when she saw all these cool bicycles just chilling at their parking spot just outside the train station in Zurich. Choose your one!

Happy early weekend!

What is an inflatable doll doing on a bicycle?

15 Aug

HELLO August!!! What a hectic month to be in Ibiza! Everything is crammed, every single beach is packed with tourists, they’ve conquered this tiny island! I wish this meant that more cool bicycles are locked around here but unfortunately it is not happening. Except one. Do you remember Frankestein? Ok, it’s actually not called like that, but it does look a bit like a monster-bicycle. Well, I see it all the time! This last weeks I saw it twice, and the second time, encouraged by L., my Australian friend, who was as surprised as me at the fact that we kept seeing it, I left a note on it. I was quite hungry at that point and for this reason I wasn’t really thinking on what I was writing. My friend kept talking, and he’s the type of guy that tells stories pretty well, and I remember it was an amusing thing. Well anyways, it was a bit of a retarded note, it said something like “HELLO. I LIKED YOUR BICYCLE.” And then the blog’s address. Well, as far as I’m concerned, the owner of Frankestein didn’t reply back. And if that’s you, please don’t be offended at the fact that I keep calling your bicycle a monster.

Regarding the first bike here, it belonged to this old man who, for some unknown reason, hung inflatable dolls on it. I agree, not my best shot, not such beauty either but hey, Eivissa is all about contrasts. And this helps prove it. Right??

That second bicycle is from the good ol’ times, when I saw amazing bikes everywhere (ok not so much, but one tends to idealize the past, that’s a fact). That is, from Barcelona. I have some old beautiful stuff that hasn’t been published yet! Wait and see!

…just creating some high expectation..haha

Happy holidays if you are having them! and if you are an intern like myself then remember we’ll conquer the world one day!! On bicycles, of course:)

Grey Peugeot

29 Jun

Fantastic Peugeot bicycle locked near my house, in Barcelona. This might be the last bicycle from Barcelona I post, since I’ve been in Ibiza two weeks and I will stay here until the end of September for my internship (not in techno, I assure you). At the beginning I feared that I wouldn’t see any nice bicycles but I’ve already encountered a few, the problem is that people is always riding them! Next post will be a bicycle from Ibiza! Yes or yes.

Bicycle for a rainy day in Barceloneta

5 Jun

This bicycle is perfect! Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to ride your bike when it rains. 95% of the times you end up…well…pretty wet, depending on the duration of the ride. But if you look at this bicycle closely you will realised that this wouldn’t happen with it: thanks to its cool mudguard. It works as both a practical feature while it’s perfectly embedded into the bike’s look. Whoever owns this bicycle, it’s a genius.


Happy Sunday! I hope it doesn’t rain so you can take your bike out!



Raleigh in Barcelona

11 May

This Raleigh was locked next to my apartment in Barcelona.

According to the Wikipedia article, Raleigh, which is based in Nottingham, UK, is one of the oldest bicycle manufactures in the world. If you are a professor at University reading this, I know that you are thinking about how unreliable my source is. But hey: focus on the bicycle. What a bicycle this is!!

I don’t recall seeing any other Raleighs in Barcelona, so it was a nice find. And I fell in love with this one instantly. First, the yellow, blue and red frame. Amazing frame. Second, the red chain and lastly the blue tires. All matching, of course. I want it!!

When I returned the bicycle the other day at My Beautiful Parking, the girl there who was very nice told me about an “alleycat” only for girls happening on Saturday. I thought it was a super cool idea (I have to confess that despite my love for bikes I didn’t know what an alleycat was – I pretended though). However I felt like I’d be a loser if I tried to participate with no bicycle that was my own. Therefore I publicly announce that for next year’s all-girl alleycat I am going to win, and it’ll be with my own bike. Hopefully something nearly as nice as this Raleigh…

BFF bicycle

30 Apr

Morning to you all from Barcelona!

It’s a beautiful morning, and I decided to rent a bicycle. Just like I did the other day, a nice, peaceful two-hours ride out of Barcelona, final destination still undecided. Bicycle rides on a Saturday morning are a fantastic thing, speciallly in spring. I’m going to put shorts on, a T-shirt, a helmet (it’s a fixie, and I don’t want to die) and see what happens.

I saw this bicycle coming back from a little “filmoteca” adventure. Filmoteca means ‘film-library’ and it’s an out of fashion theater in the north-east of the city. They play all kind of commercial and non-commercial movies, documentaries and short films. And only for 2 euro! The kind of people who go there on a Friday at 7.30pm (besides myself, a lonely girl) are retired middle-aged men. Sometimes they fall sleep during the movie, and they always have a chat about cinema before the movie starts. I like the filmoteca. Last night’s film was a documentary about the Canadian film director Guy Maddin. It was kind of budget-looking but there were some really good bits. Except I feel like I don’t really want to go see Maddin’s film now, they are extremely odd (film connoisseurs will say he’s a genius, and no doubt he is) and wildly imaginative. Tonight I’ll watch ‘Two for the Road’ by Stanley Donen. Hopefully on my way back I’ll come across a happy bicycle such as the one above. Including stickers of the Bicycle Film Festival.

I’ve seen you before, Lady

19 Mar

Yes, yes I have.

Quite recently actually, I think Thursday. The purple one, I mean. It was going down carrer Balmes (a long street that pretty much crosses Barcelona from North to South).  Just a few minutes before I had seen a girl on a turquoise road bike so it was a bit like a dream on my way to Uni . Of course I was riding a Bicing bicycle (gosh they are ugly). This event made me think — one would assume here that my main worry in life are bicycles but don’t be fooled! Other serious stuff happens as well – i.e. which bicycle actually get and how to get the money for it. See? So yeah, it made me think that I can’t call myself a bike enthusiast unless I actually ride a bicycle that is worthy to put on this blog. With this in mind, I headed once again to La Bicicleteria (no website apparently), the vintage bicycle santuarium in Barcelona asking for the one I had been very close to buying. I made up my mind. The red Orbea had to be mine. And so I went. Thing is, the guy said to me that he sold it like a day after I refused to buy it. Is this an omen that I will never ride a decent bike in this city? I hope not.

To finish up with this post: the other day I was waiting on a traffic light –yes, sometimes I do wait– when I saw Simon, the organiser of the Spanish Bicycle Film Festival and mechanic at My Beautiful Parking (love their website by the way). He was obviously riding a cool road bicycle down the street and I stood there, motionless, on my Bicing looking like a loser. He recognised me and said ‘hi’ which was uplifting (it still felt like he was laughing at me though).

But yeah, I need a bike. And I know I keep saying it. This time for real though: got a list of second hand bike shops in Barcelona. And I will call them all until I find my love.