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15 Jan

…I haven’t updated the blog since August???

bicicleta poblesec

I am in shock.

I have this blurry memory that pops up sometimes…my father is a very pragmatic man. As I grew older he would keep reminding me of how I would feel when I was certain age. Like a prophet of feelings. So when I was 6 or 7 he told me something like “enjoy being a child…as soon as you turn 20 time starts to fly, and you will remember this moment right now and you will think of what I told you and how it was true…” I’m not saying anything you don’t know already, dear reader. We have all felt this way at some point. We have seen a baby that at 15 is not a baby anymore (“but wait, weren’t you just learning to talk a few years ago?”). I feel a bit like that when I’m talking to someone born in the mid-nineties, I’m sorry but it feels pretty damn weird. Until you realise you are more or less the same way they are, with the exception they probably think you are old. Ha! Welcome to growing older. It’s hell.

Anyway, let’s not get dramatic. At least I’m not 30 yet. (I hope my older friends out there are not reading this.)

First of all, Happy New Year! Dear reader, I needed 2014 sooo bad. Although I have gone through some fantastic events in 2013, at the end I just grew tired of it, which is an odd feeling versus a date.

Whenever I stumble upon a blog that hasn’t been updated in a while I always imagine that person behind the computer experiencing a feeling that I will call the “bloggers blues”. The concept is not new, I actually stole it from this book that I love by the Japanese author Haruki Murakami. Just the title itself makes me want to read it again. So anyway, it does happen, that you are really into it and then one day you don’t find the same old satisfaction and then…time flies, and that is universal – except when you are under 20, thanks dad. So one day you wake up and realise you haven’t updated the blog in six months. Scary.

Some interesting changes in these past months, but I don’t want to be too revelatory. I’ll leave it as material for my next posts. Just one: I’m travelling back to Australia to capture the best bicycle porn available on the Southern hemisphere. And also, we will be having some exciting new type of content coming up.

And, to start the year with a good foot as we say in Spanish, a double ratio of bicycle porn. Hope you enjoy the photo, taken in the beautiful neighbourhood of Poble Sec in Barcelona.

Have a great week!

p.s. I found this on a blog about bicycles around the Internet and it made me really happy! We bloggers are so easily aroused…so thanks to whoever wrote it:)