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Sunday goodies

19 May

craster road biycle

My beautiful friend J. had to sell her bicycle when she relocated from London to Barcelona. It will be missed…

Hacking Bicycleporn

18 May


So I was trying to move this website to a new domain. I was typing as fast as I could to soak in the “hacker attitude” but sadly in this case I couldn’t even manage retrieve my godaddy account. I deleted all the spamming emails (including the important ones). Every time I pretend I know what I’m doing with a computer I think of a movie I watched once where this girl basically had access to the main character’s computer. I thought it was just “a movie” (as in science fiction). But, apparently  it’s not. You can actually do that.

Fear not. That was a long time ago. I learned now. My intention is very humble in fact. I plan to move this website to Once the people behind goddady approve my application to get the domain back (couldn’t remember my username/email/password) I will see if I manage. Despite my lack of experience, I am confident.

Even though I have not written much these days, my personal bicycleporn photo-collection keeps growing. I am experiencing some overproduction I would say, so get ready to be overwhelmed with ramblings in the next weeks. That first pink bicycle is actually on a street that has my birthday as name (11th of June Street). Nice one huh? The second one is just perfection, look at the leather saddle and handlebar. The owner knew what he/she was doing. By the way, lots of girls in racing bicycles like mine in Barcelona lately! I’m not special anymore!! Well, I really admire those anonymous women. Whenever I see one, I want to stop and have a chat about riding cool bicycles but truth is, they never look back at me with my “chatty face” on the red lights…next time I will just say something dumb and wait for their reaction…

blue bicycle barcelona