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Bicycle Memorabilia

1 Dec


I thought Foffa was the weird name that my friend M. gave to his marvelous bicycle (see first photo). It ends up it’s actually a beautiful bicycle maker based in London. He assured me that he’s totally paranoid that his bike will get stolen. I understand. After the wheel episode I am even more anxious. Well actually not so much anymore, because I bought some sort of wheel block so nobody can remove them from their axis but me. Muahhahahah get that bastards.

Right below Foffa the bicycle, a snap I took back in May in El Parc del Fòrum in Barcelona. The Primavera Sound Festival takes place there every year, and when I arrived I was glad to see that my bicycle would be surrounded by an orgy of bicycles to keep it company.

Lastly, I wanted to show you dear readers the ingenious invention from my friend C. to keep his bicycle in his room while saving space. A few notes about this funny decorative while practical object: First of all, he made it from scratch, even the design in the wood it’s original (or so he says…). Second, I think he lives in a fifth floor which means he brings up his bicycle everyday (well not anymore since he lives in Berlin and it’s probably too cold to ride already). Lastly, I think he won’t open his window for a while.

Have a nice weekend!!