Back to the origins of Bicycleporn

10 Aug

Everything has a start. In my case, the spark lighted up in my head one day (to be honest can’t remember how it happen, I guess we should track back to post number 1) as I was continuously overwhelmed by the amount of Bicycleporn I saw in one of my favorite cities, Berlin. It all began in summer 2010.  I was in love with the city and the way bicycles where so ubiquitous there, and such beautiful bicycles…it was a change from the hideous mountain bicycles I was used to seeing in Sydney where I lived before moving temporarily to Berlin. And so It was good really good to be back to the city in May, seeing my old friend C., constant source of Bycicleporn, and have an intense weekend of partying and eating.
And what a super cool, 80’s bicycle we have here. Love the bell in the handle bar too. Security above all!


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