Gold Bike

15 Apr


Thanks to my friend C., who I will be visiting  in Berlin next month, for taking these photos from the Berliner Bicycle Fair (man, they are cool or what). If ever dreamed of having a bicycle made of gold, that is the place to go, 24k and 8500 euro.

I’ve got an update regarding my dear bicycle: it’s dying. And cursed. I mean, I still love it as it is. But c’mon, the day after I bring it to the mechanic for a general check-up, I get a flat tire. And that day the mechanic, the genius, tells me my bicycle is not fit to ride outside the city. What? I mean, I had all these wild plans to  bring it to Ibiza this summer (I still do) and go on excursions with my friend D. (a fellow bicycle enthusiast). And the moment we would get tired, just leave our bikes and go under a tree to eat our ‘bocadillo’ (a sandwich). Well anyway that’s my idea. For that I will need to take the ferry to the island. Anyways, I have my flatmate insisting I should get dress to go eat sushi and enjoy the rest of this Sunday. We had like 3 different seasons in one day, the weather is seriously crazy this month.

Have a nice week!



2 Responses to “Gold Bike”

  1. amoni 17/04/2012 at 01:29 #

    The gold is really nice. I wonder how heavy or even how light it is.

    • taaniit 17/04/2012 at 05:30 #

      Good question! The bike was hanging from the ceiling, I suppose to prevent anyone from “checking the weight” and running away with it:) But I’ll find out!

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