The intensity of a rainy day

5 Apr

When the music I am listening to stops playing, then I get to hear this damned rain. I’m one of this people that becomes easily track-obsessed and so my morning has been rather technoish listening to this amazing stuff, which is, by the way, 22 years old. I wonder if anything I did that long ago would still bring me the same feeling of joy that this song evokes in me. I could probably find some drawing, made with childish innocence but…it wouldn’t be the same, right?

Anyway, it’s the third day in a row that rains in Barcelona. Two nights ago the thunder woke me up at 5 in the morning. I moved recently and now my bedroom windows is facing my bed. So I wake up with the sunrise (yeah ok not literally, I haven’t been able to get up before 8 in the past few weeks) and obviously, if there is lightning like there was the other day, then it wakes me up too. But it’s these little things in life…you know.

And so it is raining. My precious bicycle has been in the mechanic for two days but I’m happy this is happening now as with the intensity of the rain I wouldn’t have been able to ride anyway. I had a little accident (well, 2 little accidents) a few days ago and decided to bring it to the bike shop near my new apartment. They seem to be nice people.  This evening when I pick it up, I will find out if they are also good mechanics. The accident was completely my fault, I was too fast and became trapped in between a car and a parked motorcycle next to it. I learned the lesson I think.

Also, I have sad news coming from the universe of awkward bicycles. The lovely P., owner of the “Frankenstein bike” told me that it has been stolen here in Barcelona. You really need to be a f***ed up person to steal such a bicycle, I mean it’s just too special. You don’t want to take it apart from its owner. Fingers crossed it gets recovered soon.

What I present here is a selection of colourful bicycles that I thought would go well with the dismal colour of today’s sky. I keep experimenting with Photoshop, as you can see. The last photo is an example of how to wear a miniskirt and be able to ride very fast at the same time. Bicycleporn is what it is.

I keep on clicking ‘reply’. It doesn’t rain unless I look out of the window:)


One Response to “The intensity of a rainy day”

  1. modman11957 23/06/2012 at 17:45 #

    Bicycle bondage,true bicycle porn

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