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Humans vs. Machines

8 Jan


I don’t usually like humans on my posts but these are exceptional humans:

My friend C. sent me the first photo. Apparently him and his buddy I. were trying to “make the Most Hipster Photo Ever” (sic). You can decide by yourself if their mission was accomplished. Judging by the two beer packs he’s carrying, I think they were quiet satisfied.

On the other photo are P. and N.,  two of my old co-workers at Cafe Giulia, in Sydney. As my friend S. mentioned, there’s a trend going on among the Thai community’s youngsters  in central Sydney. And they take it seriously, as you can see.

Unfortunately here in Barcelona the year didn’t start too well for bicycle lovers, as only a few days ago a woman was ran over by a truck at an intersection. The worst part is that she was on the supposedly safe bicycle lane, when the truck turned right and collided against her. This is only one more example of how politicians pretend to care about making a city bicycle-friendly by building kilometres of bicycle lanes. And they think that they accomplished something? In reality they are poorly designed, shameful and dangerous paths – plus drivers and passers-by alike ignore them. I come across these every day, and for the most part, I then to avoid them. Simply put: I don’t feel safe.

To commemorate the tragedy, this month’s Critical Mass left a ghost bicycle on the spot of the accident. Then, a minute of silence. It didn’t last: car drivers were shouting and rebuking at us on how did we dare to block their road. So this is what we have in this city.

Sometimes I do feel a bit lonely on the road, me and my bicycle, it seems that I’m the only one riding a bicycle in Barcelona. But at the Critical Mass  I understood that there are many others out there, people who truly love riding a bicycle – for whatever reason. There are many others, everywhere, fighting everyday to make this city more peaceful, and more respectful towards the environment and its citizens. On Friday night I met a guy who used Bicing everyday at 5AM to get to work. He was so proud of it, he didn’t pay any money on public transport and kept him fit…Like him, wherever I am, I’ll keep riding.

And decided I’ll buy a helmet.

Una bicicleta blanca homenajea a la ciclista muerta en Barcelona

Photo: Tejederas (El País)