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The day of the outsiders

23 Nov

Good Morning to you all!!!! It’s a beautiful day in Barcelona!

(Update: I actually wrote this at 7:30AM but then was late for shower/getting dressed/drying hair/”fixing my face” and finally go to the After Effects classes I’m taking this month and so I had to go. Anyways! It ended up being a glorious day, almost summerish.)

So, as you can see we have a bit of a special post today. It is a post for the forgotten, the left-out, the ostracized even the flamboyant…in other words, the different ones. ‘Cause they deserve to live, I guess.

I specially like the second photo, which is a little gift from K. It is my understanding than he took the photo in Berlin, and it caught his eyes for the obvious reason: a hidden mountain bike in the weeds! The poor thing was probably seeking to survive the harsh winter in that city. It lost a seat, but it made it to spring!

I took the first one just this Sunday. I went to Ibiza for a weekend, and I came across the wettest night of my life. In the sense that it rained so so much that the entire island suffered a black-out! (this sounds astonishing but the locals are more than used to this things happening). It was about 2 or 3 in the morning, we were dancing to Dj Audiofly in this new club called ‘Bubbles’ (I loved the name, it’s kind of stupid but sounds great). I didn’t know the Dj before, but he was sitting behind me on the plane and then ran into him at the club. I thought his music was really good though. So anyways, we were dancing happily when all of a sudden the music stopped, and the dim lights went off. The party was unexpectedly over. It was raining so hard that drops were falling from the ceiling and well, basically, the sound system didn’t work which is a pretty basic thing happening in a club.

The third and fourth photos were taken my dear friend M. He took them both in South Korea and the last one actually belongs to the local police, that patrol Seoul on them. I’m sure they are highly efficient and that those bikes never get stolen. First, because they belong to the police, and second, they are far too ugly. Anyone can have that bad taste, right?

Last but not least comes the second bicycle, which I’d say belongs to an insane person. The photo was taken by L. in Lyon, where she lives. If I saw someone riding such a hideous thing I would have to stop and take a deep breath. But then, I’m still driving the ugliest bikes on earth aka Bicing so what the hell, I shouldn’t be complaining…

This post is way too random and long and I should be going to meet my partners with whom I’m shooting a documentary. I’ll only be a few minutes late, I’ll ride fast, I promise!

Have a great week!!

Bicicleta indignada

1 Nov

I’ve got news: the end is near. The end of shameful rides with Bicing, of disrespectful looks coming from the fixie guys, and the population in general. The end of bicycles with brakes that don’t work, with seats that keep going down and noisy chains. I will, tomorrow, buy a proper bicycle. I’ve been following My Beautiful Parking’s (the bike shop) blog for a while and the other day I read that they are selling the stock they’ve been using for rental. I can’t speak at length today, or go on with my ramblings forever because there’s people who expect me some where but I will explain what the beauty above is about. I basically saw this guy standing in the middle of the crowed at the ‘Indignados’ demonstration in Barcelona, about two weeks ago. As you probably know, it was held on a global scale, and here in the city concentrated thousands of people. I was proud to be there, specially considering I got to see this fantastic bicycle. When I asked the owner if I could take its photo he looked at me like a was a weirdo, specially when I replied to his “what is it for?” with a “for my blog”. Then I really felt like one of this creppy hipster fashion bloggers…which I’m obviously not. Anyways, it was worth it. I think it’s really a pretty bike.

If you live in Catalonia/Balearic Islands, I hope you will use this day to stuff your face with “panellets“…mmm sooo yummy.