True love or fashion fad? Barcelona’s conundrum

13 Oct



Barcelona’s bicycle orgy is still rolling.

This is insane, unbearable. Too much of them, everywhere. Boys and girls with these sleek bicycles. I’m going crazy, my friends probably think I don’t care about their ramblings any more. Not true! I care. But I can’t avoid having my eyes spin around (not like I’m possessed more like I’m looking everywhere) in the hope of being able to observe the movement of the bicycle coming towards us, or the girl crossing the road with a racing bike. It’s really hard not to feel overwhelmed.

And it’s true. Something has changed in the city. Perhaps people are starting to value beauty and burned their mountain bikes, finally. Or maybe it’s this beautiful weather that forces common citizens to get their amazing bicycles from the garages, the ones that they’ve kept in the shadows for years. But I doubt that. I think it’s, unfortunately, a bit of a fashion fad what it’s happening here. I do however have hope that it won’t go away, just like everything that it’s “in” does.

What is more important, true love or being cool? I know. A bit metaphysical for being only lunch time but hey, these things must be questioned in order to survive.

For now, enjoy this gorgeous Orbea (see the font? Isn’t it a bit like Back to the Future? Love the 80’s touch). I know what you are thinking: the quality of the photo is unbelievable! I finally switched phones. After 10 months with a broken screen and difficulty receiving texts I decided it was time to upgrade. Now I belong to the smartphone gang. I know, so mainstream again.

That second photo is a little present from J. She became ecstatic when she saw all these cool bicycles just chilling at their parking spot just outside the train station in Zurich. Choose your one!

Happy early weekend!

5 Responses to “True love or fashion fad? Barcelona’s conundrum”

  1. Mauro 13/10/2011 at 16:26 #

    Do you remember what i said to you last summer!? “Bikes are cool in Milan, it’s a new fashion trend”. And now in Barcelona is the same!!! I was right!!!
    Now you are the only one girl without bike in Barcelona, and this is so punk!! So, is cool!! Isn’t it!? :-)
    Ahh…. new smartphone…. geek!!!

    • taaniit 13/10/2011 at 17:24 #

      You are obviously a visionary man. Sadly Barcelona is behind Milano, but we are definitely catching up! When you come back you will go crazy just as I did. Have you becomed a hipster yet?? :)
      (And I was always a geek..just a bit outdated)

  2. Mauro 13/10/2011 at 17:40 #

    I think we need to find new terms for “outdated geek”, maybe you can add to wiki: “Taaniit : a strange case of outdated geek”.
    Anyway… i think bike is positive trend, so, i appreciate it.
    Think what could happen if next trend will be ride a camel!? :-o
    And no… sometimes i cut my beard and dress like a “young-skater-boy”, so, I’m so far to be hipster!
    (i don’t know if my english is right… but that’s it)

  3. Mauro 13/10/2011 at 21:06 #

    Yes, and bike is more cheap… i think (someone told to me). :-\
    I said camel because one week ago, i was walking in the park and i seen 2 camel over a corral!! In the next 10 minutes i continued to think “i have seen 2 camel in the park… i have seen 2 camel in the park…”. It was crazy!!!
    Anyway… i didn’t write the right thing before… i would say like “90’s-young-skater-boy”, not like nowadays “young-skater-boy”. It’s ok?

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