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Plaça del Parque

10 Sep


Look at this bicycle above, I think it wins the competition of the prettiest bicycle of the summer. I love that color as well, I think I’ll paint my (future) bicycle that color. That is one of the first things I’ll do upon my return, get a bicycle. And then paint it. I found that bicycle at Plaza del parque, downtown. By the way, Frankestein the bike still haunts me. That sign was seen by my professor, M., in Valos, Greece. Let’s follow the advice:)

I spent all day on the road today. I was driving a 125cc motorcycle (I can’t believe I’m saying this) with my friend. We went to s’Illot de’s renclí, a tiny beach on the northern side of the island. The best thing? You can smell everything. The pine trees, the soil, the food from restaurants on the road, the plants, the flowers, the sun, the sea…all those smells combined together only mean one thing to me: freedom.

And that’s what I feel when I am here.

Have a lovely weekend!