Columbus a s’Alamera

21 Aug

This bicycle looks pretty 80’s, doesn’t it? I find the gradated colour quite interesting. Columbus is an italian brand, apparently born in 1919 when a 12 year old that had “acquired sufficient experience” decided to set up his own brand. Those were the days…At my age I would probably own the newspaper where I intern! This reminds me of the movie ‘Citizen Kane’, which (and I suppose everyone will disagree) I find boring. The filming is very original taking into account how old it is but that ‘rosebud’ thing…I don’t know, I guess I’ve watched it too many times but if I had to watch it once more I’m quite sure I would fall into an auto-induced sleep. This already happened in class once, except it wasn’t ‘auto-induced’. I simply fell sleep.

Tomorrow is my day off! Program for the day: swim, eat, swim, eat, swim aaand eat watermelon until I can’t carry my own soul (very Spanish expression that I leave for your own free interpretation). And it is tomorrow that we publish a story I wrote about handmade ice-cream shops in Eivissa. Being a reporter can be so rewarding…free ice cream yessssssss

Have a lovely Sunday!

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