What is an inflatable doll doing on a bicycle?

15 Aug

HELLO August!!! What a hectic month to be in Ibiza! Everything is crammed, every single beach is packed with tourists, they’ve conquered this tiny island! I wish this meant that more cool bicycles are locked around here but unfortunately it is not happening. Except one. Do you remember Frankestein? Ok, it’s actually not called like that, but it does look a bit like a monster-bicycle. Well, I see it all the time! This last weeks I saw it twice, and the second time, encouraged by L., my Australian friend, who was as surprised as me at the fact that we kept seeing it, I left a note on it. I was quite hungry at that point and for this reason I wasn’t really thinking on what I was writing. My friend kept talking, and he’s the type of guy that tells stories pretty well, and I remember it was an amusing thing. Well anyways, it was a bit of a retarded note, it said something like “HELLO. I LIKED YOUR BICYCLE.” And then the blog’s address. Well, as far as I’m concerned, the owner of Frankestein didn’t reply back. And if that’s you, please don’t be offended at the fact that I keep calling your bicycle a monster.

Regarding the first bike here, it belonged to this old man who, for some unknown reason, hung inflatable dolls on it. I agree, not my best shot, not such beauty either but hey, Eivissa is all about contrasts. And this helps prove it. Right??

That second bicycle is from the good ol’ times, when I saw amazing bikes everywhere (ok not so much, but one tends to idealize the past, that’s a fact). That is, from Barcelona. I have some old beautiful stuff that hasn’t been published yet! Wait and see!

…just creating some high expectation..haha

Happy holidays if you are having them! and if you are an intern like myself then remember we’ll conquer the world one day!! On bicycles, of course:)

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