I love Porridge

17 Jul

Dear reader, this is Porridge, S’s great bicycle.

Sorry about the legs. I shared the bicycle love with S., from London. On that occasion we were both riding in Sydney. I have to admit it’s pretty cool to have a boyfriend that likes bicycles as much as you do (and porridge haha) That one time in particular was a hot day like today, and we decided to ride to the beach, I think it was called Bronte Beach. I ate a nutella ice-cream after the swim. Life is so perfect sometimes. Like today, eating watermelon in the Ibiza sun with the only prospect of going to watch the sunset at ‘Punta Galera’ beach and have a long swim. Then dive, maybe watch some fish, stay very still and watch your feet under water. I get poetic, sorry. It’s the thing with being in this island.

By the way, I have something to confess. I never thought I’d say this but…I miss the Bicing. Well, I miss riding. A lot!

Well, I’m going to eat more watermelon. Then get the beach bag ready…Have an awesome Sunday!

One Response to “I love Porridge”

  1. Mauro 17/07/2011 at 14:19 #

    Here we haven’t the sea, so i ride my bike till Mauerpark and i eat some brezel.
    It’s not the same thing… but i ride with my flip-flop! :-)

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