Matching your expectations in Eivissa

9 Jul

This is an example of quirky bicycle porn. But hey, like in sex, people are very different. “A gustos, colores,” as we say in Spanish. Meaning something like ‘the diversity of colors reflects the diversity in tastes’. And hey, we are in Eivissa after all. You are meant to “open your mind” as my friend A. says. And since we are speaking about colors, I took the liberty of accompanying this crazy bicycle (I think it is more of a Frankenstein bicycle) with a painting by the ibicenco artist Ferrer Guasch. This one in particular struck me really hard (just like the bike). This is what you see in the old quarter made of tiny houses near the bay. I took the photo of the painting at an amazing luxory hotel in the old city. We went there to film a story about the suite of the hotel, which occupies the family house of a rich family in the island. Anyways, they have one of the biggest art collections, particularly focused in the the ibicencan landscape. This one is an example.

Back to the bike, how the guy (I’m sure it belongs to a guy) came up with the idea of mixing this handlebar with the nice (but neglected) frame I will never know. It’s like a horse with the head of a bear. Simply, not working. Still “it has something” : “esta bici tiene algo!”

I have to go to cover a story in San Antonio. Tourists everywhere panic!! Dear reader, have a great weekend!

3 Responses to “Matching your expectations in Eivissa”

  1. Leire 09/07/2011 at 14:43 #

    No sé por qué… pero las asas del manillar de esta me han recordado a las motoretas de nuestra infancia. Es preciosa, ecléctica… no la llames Frankenstein! Anyways, nice post! :*

    • taaniit 09/07/2011 at 17:07 #

      No seas tan benévola, esa bici es un horrible ‘patchwork’ de pedazos de otras bcis!! el manillar en ese cuadro es un auténtico sacrilegio…y como Frankestein, parece que no durará mucho:)


  1. Bicycle Porn - 15/08/2011

    […] bicycles are locked around here but unfortunately it is not happening. Except one. Do you remember Frankestein? Ok, it’s actually not called like that, but it does look a bit like a monster-bicycle. Well, […]

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