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Grey Peugeot

29 Jun

Fantastic Peugeot bicycle locked near my house, in Barcelona. This might be the last bicycle from Barcelona I post, since I’ve been in Ibiza two weeks and I will stay here until the end of September for my internship (not in techno, I assure you). At the beginning I feared that I wouldn’t see any nice bicycles but I’ve already encountered a few, the problem is that people is always riding them! Next post will be a bicycle from Ibiza! Yes or yes.

Bicycle for a rainy day in Barceloneta

5 Jun

This bicycle is perfect! Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to ride your bike when it rains. 95% of the times you end up…well…pretty wet, depending on the duration of the ride. But if you look at this bicycle closely you will realised that this wouldn’t happen with it: thanks to its cool mudguard. It works as both a practical feature while it’s perfectly embedded into the bike’s look. Whoever owns this bicycle, it’s a genius.


Happy Sunday! I hope it doesn’t rain so you can take your bike out!