Blue Fixie in Barcelona

23 May

Look at that!

I was a birthday party the other day, and a friend of mine told me that he just bought a fixie bicycle. He then pointed at his legs, rolled up his trousers and showed me three or four bruises. I obviously laughed at him. Who buys a bicycle to get hurt? I always thought it was a matter of moving around, and if it happens that you do it in an object of beauty, better. Apparently I am wrong. Fixie bicycles are not only to move around, in fact my friend’s bike doesn’t even have brakes (seriously…are you insane? I would probably be dead by now if my bicycles didn’t have brakes). This means that he’s trying to get to places really, really fast or that (possibly) his bicycle is as he said “to do tricks.”

Fixies are cool, they are fast and you “feel” the bicycle like no other but…but, yeah ok, there’s no but – but do use breakes!!!

That’s all. Barcelona is summer right now! I’m taking the bicycle and going for a ride in a minute…

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