Raleigh in Barcelona

11 May

This Raleigh was locked next to my apartment in Barcelona.

According to the Wikipedia article, Raleigh, which is based in Nottingham, UK, is one of the oldest bicycle manufactures in the world. If you are a professor at University reading this, I know that you are thinking about how unreliable my source is. But hey: focus on the bicycle. What a bicycle this is!!

I don’t recall seeing any other Raleighs in Barcelona, so it was a nice find. And I fell in love with this one instantly. First, the yellow, blue and red frame. Amazing frame. Second, the red chain and lastly the blue tires. All matching, of course. I want it!!

When I returned the bicycle the other day at My Beautiful Parking, the girl there who was very nice told me about an “alleycat” only for girls happening on Saturday. I thought it was a super cool idea (I have to confess that despite my love for bikes I didn’t know what an alleycat was – I pretended though). However I felt like I’d be a loser if I tried to participate with no bicycle that was my own. Therefore I publicly announce that for next year’s all-girl alleycat I am going to win, and it’ll be with my own bike. Hopefully something nearly as nice as this Raleigh…

2 Responses to “Raleigh in Barcelona”

  1. Pedaleando Boy 12/05/2011 at 08:12 #

    Nice fixie, nice colours, nice post. XD

    PS: DIDN’T you know what an alleycat was???

    (By the way…, what is an alleycat?)

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