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BFF bicycle

30 Apr

Morning to you all from Barcelona!

It’s a beautiful morning, and I decided to rent a bicycle. Just like I did the other day, a nice, peaceful two-hours ride out of Barcelona, final destination still undecided. Bicycle rides on a Saturday morning are a fantastic thing, speciallly in spring. I’m going to put shorts on, a T-shirt, a helmet (it’s a fixie, and I don’t want to die) and see what happens.

I saw this bicycle coming back from a little “filmoteca” adventure. Filmoteca means ‘film-library’ and it’s an out of fashion theater in the north-east of the city. They play all kind of commercial and non-commercial movies, documentaries and short films. And only for 2 euro! The kind of people who go there on a Friday at 7.30pm (besides myself, a lonely girl) are retired middle-aged men. Sometimes they fall sleep during the movie, and they always have a chat about cinema before the movie starts. I like the filmoteca. Last night’s film was a documentary about the Canadian film director Guy Maddin. It was kind of budget-looking but there were some really good bits. Except I feel like I don’t really want to go see Maddin’s film now, they are extremely odd (film connoisseurs will say he’s a genius, and no doubt he is) and wildly imaginative. Tonight I’ll watch ‘Two for the Road’ by Stanley Donen. Hopefully on my way back I’ll come across a happy bicycle such as the one above. Including stickers of the Bicycle Film Festival.

And spring finally arrived

16 Apr

Oh wow, I’ve been almost one month with no feeding you some good old bicycle porn. To apologise, I’m posting  double hotness! I know one of them has legs but I really couldn’t ask the guy to get off his bike in the name of maintaining leg-free this blog. Let’s open our mind, as my good friend Ana says. I have something important to say by the way: I rented a fixie bicycle at My Beautiful Parking (it was just a matter of time) and I rode for two hours non-stop. I went to Badalona and back, so around 30 or 40km overall. I was really proud, specially because I had no major incident on the road even though it was my first time. I now dream of super-fast bicycles to go around Barcelona, getting to places in half the time I do. It’s just a matter of time…