Blue in Ciutat Vella

15 Mar

After seeing this, there’s hope for this city.

Yesterday I was riding to uni when I saw this guy, the exact prototype of what a ‘fixie’ should be: beard, vans, checked shirt, baseball hat and most importantly – awesome bicycle. Oh, and he even wore nerd glasses. I felt like I was in Sydney again, where “fixie guys” are ubiquitous in ‘trendy’ areas. Here are hard to see. But then, as I say, there’s hope for this city: an example is this beautiful bicycle, spotted by my colleague Dani. Oh by the way, Bicing is organising a photo contest and the deadline is in only a couple of days, I must think of something!! I thought of a video of two people on a bike but it would probably be considered as “against the rules” (boring). Anyway, I will think of something yes or yes!

Sorry about the rambling. It’s been raining hard for the last two days so I didn’t ride enough lately and this affects my bicycle porn mood…


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