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I’ve seen you before, Lady

19 Mar

Yes, yes I have.

Quite recently actually, I think Thursday. The purple one, I mean. It was going down carrer Balmes (a long street that pretty much crosses Barcelona from North to South).  Just a few minutes before I had seen a girl on a turquoise road bike so it was a bit like a dream on my way to Uni . Of course I was riding a Bicing bicycle (gosh they are ugly). This event made me think — one would assume here that my main worry in life are bicycles but don’t be fooled! Other serious stuff happens as well – i.e. which bicycle actually get and how to get the money for it. See? So yeah, it made me think that I can’t call myself a bike enthusiast unless I actually ride a bicycle that is worthy to put on this blog. With this in mind, I headed once again to La Bicicleteria (no website apparently), the vintage bicycle santuarium in Barcelona asking for the one I had been very close to buying. I made up my mind. The red Orbea had to be mine. And so I went. Thing is, the guy said to me that he sold it like a day after I refused to buy it. Is this an omen that I will never ride a decent bike in this city? I hope not.

To finish up with this post: the other day I was waiting on a traffic light –yes, sometimes I do wait– when I saw Simon, the organiser of the Spanish Bicycle Film Festival and mechanic at My Beautiful Parking (love their website by the way). He was obviously riding a cool road bicycle down the street and I stood there, motionless, on my Bicing looking like a loser. He recognised me and said ‘hi’ which was uplifting (it still felt like he was laughing at me though).

But yeah, I need a bike. And I know I keep saying it. This time for real though: got a list of second hand bike shops in Barcelona. And I will call them all until I find my love.

Blue in Ciutat Vella

15 Mar

After seeing this, there’s hope for this city.

Yesterday I was riding to uni when I saw this guy, the exact prototype of what a ‘fixie’ should be: beard, vans, checked shirt, baseball hat and most importantly – awesome bicycle. Oh, and he even wore nerd glasses. I felt like I was in Sydney again, where “fixie guys” are ubiquitous in ‘trendy’ areas. Here are hard to see. But then, as I say, there’s hope for this city: an example is this beautiful bicycle, spotted by my colleague Dani. Oh by the way, Bicing is organising a photo contest and the deadline is in only a couple of days, I must think of something!! I thought of a video of two people on a bike but it would probably be considered as “against the rules” (boring). Anyway, I will think of something yes or yes!

Sorry about the rambling. It’s been raining hard for the last two days so I didn’t ride enough lately and this affects my bicycle porn mood…