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Greek Bicycle Porn

21 Feb

My friend Irini shared with me this golden beauty, right from Athens.

Here in Barcelona, I saw The Most Amazing Bicycle Ever (I wrote about it here) one more time…he was riding fast again though, so I couldn’t talk to him (rather get closer to the object of my desire).

Two weeks ago I was veeeery close to buy a beautiful bike but then changed my mind because of the breakes. I mean, I love road bikes and I’m sure I want one…but I think I would feel insecure riding it in Barcelona, considering it can be a pretty crazy city to be riding a bike you can’t control. Besides, it was quite expensive (for me, but not for what it was I guess), then a few days later I met a guy who told me he bought a decent road bicycle off Las Ramblas (stolen, obviously) for 20 euro! My heart is divided between ethics and been broke…