Tristan’s bicycle

18 Jan

There it is! I think it’s posing…

I have to admit it: Tristan is a lucky guy. I would pay (well not too much, and that’s the problem…) to have a bicycle as beautiful as this one here. Gorgeous white seat and shiny neat dark frame, that’s all I want on a cloudy morning like today.

I have, however, taken steps towards ending the lack of bicycle porn in my daily life (what an irony, writing this blog and having to see all these beauties…). The day I noticed I couldn’t help but turn my head every time I saw a nice bicycle riding the streets of Barcelona, like I was an old man looking at young ladies, I decided the time had come. So yesterday I walk with determination into a “hipster” bike shop, near my house. It’s specialises in fixies and vintage bicycles so I thought they would understand what I was looking for. Apparently they did, and they will send me a budget today or tomorrow. However, the fact that he avoided giving me an approximate price is not too encouraging. All I ask for 2011 is to let me stop having to ride a Bicing bicycle! By the way, I’ll post a photo of these very soon. They are, trust me, not porno. If you know what I mean…


Thank you, Tristan! Have a nice ride to enjoy the summer breeze of Sydney for me:)


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