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Public display of bicycle porn

23 Jan

If I was walking down the street and saw this beauties lining up like that, I picture myself choking with pleasure. This row of fine bicycles is from the Tokyo bike shop in Surry Hills, Sydney.

By the way, I saw what will officially be as the most beautiful bicycle I’ve seen in my life. I was going back home, walking around Universitat, when I saw a guy riding a turquoise bicycle (kind of like this colour), just really sleek. All I could think of was running after him shouting “where WHEEERE did you buy it??” but  he was oblivious to my feelings for his bicycle, far away as he was, and kept riding. Then I lost him in the distance. I will never forget it though, and hope to see it again.

If you, bike owner, have that bike, please find me. (sorry for being creepy)

Tristan’s bicycle

18 Jan

There it is! I think it’s posing…

I have to admit it: Tristan is a lucky guy. I would pay (well not too much, and that’s the problem…) to have a bicycle as beautiful as this one here. Gorgeous white seat and shiny neat dark frame, that’s all I want on a cloudy morning like today.

I have, however, taken steps towards ending the lack of bicycle porn in my daily life (what an irony, writing this blog and having to see all these beauties…). The day I noticed I couldn’t help but turn my head every time I saw a nice bicycle riding the streets of Barcelona, like I was an old man looking at young ladies, I decided the time had come. So yesterday I walk with determination into a “hipster” bike shop, near my house. It’s specialises in fixies and vintage bicycles so I thought they would understand what I was looking for. Apparently they did, and they will send me a budget today or tomorrow. However, the fact that he avoided giving me an approximate price is not too encouraging. All I ask for 2011 is to let me stop having to ride a Bicing bicycle! By the way, I’ll post a photo of these very soon. They are, trust me, not porno. If you know what I mean…


Thank you, Tristan! Have a nice ride to enjoy the summer breeze of Sydney for me:)

History and Filology Library (Universitat de Barcelona)

9 Jan

Sometimes you drag yourself to the library expecting nothing exciting and find sweet things like that instead! It was a nice reward for been transcribing interviews for hours…

Sorry the photo is too dark – I hate admiting it but sometimes I wish I had an iPhone. If you ask me, I will deny I said that!

Blurry Bicycle in Zurich

4 Jan


All right. I know…it’s a blurry bicycle! I had the best of cameras and somehow I managed to take a blurry photo. Zurich is like Berlin: there are countless amazing bicycles, but because the city is smaller it’s easier to spot them. Besides, Berlin broke my heart when I was there two weeks ago; most bicycles were buried in snow! It was a depressing sight. Some people managed to ride their bicycles but a temperature of -10ºC on your face can be pretty tough. I miss having a bicycle, perhaps this year’s resolution will be to buy a real one? There’s something not quite fulfilling about Bicing.

If you don’t remember Bicing is the bicycle service from Barcelona, where you pay an annual quota and then you can use the bikes and leave them back again at any other station. I’ll post a photo eventually. They are not worthy to be posted on Bicycle Porn, but I’ll do it as service for the community.

I hope you enjoy the first Bicycle Porn of 2011! And of course, that 2011 brings more awesome bike porn:)