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Boston in Pink

23 Dec

This is Boston! A brave addition to my bicycle porn collection.

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to update the blog, but these last weeks have been pretty hectic. Recently I was at the Bicycle Film Festival in its Barcelona edition which was quite fun. I had to write an article about the first screening, which was held on Friday 10th December. It was exciting to see all the people in Barcelona that is into fixies (well to be fair, also BMX’s) and specially have them all together in one place! I got to talk to the founder and director of the Festival and I also interviewed him, unware of his loath to be interviewed. I guess who doesn’t try, doesn’t get. I talked to the organiser of the event in Spain, a former bike courier and now bike mechanic at a bicycle shop in the city. One my new year resolutions is to rent one of the amazing fixed gears bikes and go for a long ride around Barcelona…I’m getting sick of the Bicing bicycles. They really have no personality! But they get me to places so I guess I can’t complain.

Anyway, I’ve got lots of new bicycle porn for you in the coming days waiting to be posted! My Christmas present:)

Oh by the way, I showed this blog to Simon the organiser at the BFF and he said that he made that funny seat for the bike I posted the other day! The world is a small place…

Happy Christmas from Bicycle Porn!!