Rouslun’s find in Toulouse

20 Nov

Rous is my bike dealer these days…He found this fine piece of metal in Toulouse. Which is great because I have a serious shortage of stunning bicycles lately. Not to sound dramatic but, why do Barcelonians have an obsession with folding bikes? I can’t help but looking at those tiny bikes with contempt…They so ugly! I mean, I know that a bicycle should be above all, functional, but unless they invent a bike that you can keep in your purse, I think there is no need to have a bike that can be folded: you have to give up to much. The wheels are so small, the seat is high up, the frame…well, there’s no frame to be fair. And the worst thing of all: when you ride a folding bike, there is no grace, no elegance!

On an other note, Conor sent me this:

It’s the bicycle porn galaxy!!


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