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Blue Spanish Bicycle in El Born

27 Nov

I think I might be getting worst at taking pictures, could it be? I saw this bike today on a walk with friends in El Born, one of the nicest areas of Barcelona. The bike owner was staring at me while I was taking the picture, because he was one of the people sitting at the cafe at back. My friends were slightly embarrassed at that point. How cool is the back of the bicycle all packed with stuff?

Rouslun’s find in Toulouse

20 Nov

Rous is my bike dealer these days…He found this fine piece of metal in Toulouse. Which is great because I have a serious shortage of stunning bicycles lately. Not to sound dramatic but, why do Barcelonians have an obsession with folding bikes? I can’t help but looking at those tiny bikes with contempt…They so ugly! I mean, I know that a bicycle should be above all, functional, but unless they invent a bike that you can keep in your purse, I think there is no need to have a bike that can be folded: you have to give up to much. The wheels are so small, the seat is high up, the frame…well, there’s no frame to be fair. And the worst thing of all: when you ride a folding bike, there is no grace, no elegance!

On an other note, Conor sent me this:

It’s the bicycle porn galaxy!!

From Sydney with love

10 Nov

My good friend Stef sent me this wonderful stuff…it’s not strictly bicycle porn (I’d say it’s bicycle G rated) but it’s beautiful. I like that first one, if you look carefully you can see the Opera House and of course the Harbour Bridge. Niiiice.

A handy tip from Paris

4 Nov

Another funny one! A big thanks to my friend Rous because this image is also a discovery for me: contrary to my prejudices, Parisians appear to have a sense of humor too. I mean, you have to, otherwise would you paint your bicycle in this shiny blue color? I like that the handle bar is exactly the same color as the frame, just as the chain is! This job requires a lot of skill, and the guy did it right. Which makes me think that a bike as flashy as this one would not survive more than a couple of hours in the rough streets of Barcelona. I’ve heard many horror stories about loss and pain after someone stealing one’s bikes. My flatmate got stolen his not one, not two, but three times! I remember how paranoid I was when I locked up by bike on the streets of Sydney. I think I’ll go crazy here, preoccupied about the safety of my two wheeled love. Must think of a plan! Now that I remember, there’s a guy who gives bike make-over to make it look like old and worthless. But how could I give up to a happy bicycle such as this one?

Dark knight at lunch time

2 Nov

So this morning I was, as I always do, heading towards Glòries (a shopping center near the famous Torre Agbar building) to buy my daily snack (aiming at keeping my brain functioning at least a little during class). That’s usually a Fuji apple and sometimes a parsimon, an exotic fruit that looks like an orange tomato and tastes deliciously sweet. I’m digressing here but the thing is, I was walking, when I passed by this beauty locked across one of the many luxury hotels in the area. I liked the sleek design of it, the simplicity of its frame and handle bar. I normally don’t feel particularly interested in black bicycles, but this one had the red cables…it made me imagine that the person who owns a bicycle like that must have a sense of humor. Who else would be a dark knight with a red helmet?