A special guest

22 Oct

We have a special guest today, since we’re back in Berlin. I’ve had the privilege to ride this bike a couple of times myself and perhaps due to the fact I survived, I feel a special connection to it. On both occasions I wasn’t at my best (let’s say I wasn’t aware of the danger of riding a tall bike with fixed gears) but one thing I do remember is how fast the pedals went. At one point I just raised my legs and let them spin until, slowing down bit by bit, I could take control again. It felt great, specially used as I was to my slow ‘city style’ bike. This bike goes fast, like very fast, and it’s not on your power to stop: avoid red lights at all costs and you’ll get wherever you have to go in the city probably faster than the U-Bahn. That’s what I liked about this bike, it felt more like a challenge than your my usual old-lady bike. Hitting the road was an adventure! No offence, Storm.

But anyway, this bicycle has a beautiful frame and I love the contrast of the handle bars in red. It only needs a rad seat like yesterday’s post to be perfect, right? You can tell I like eccentric looking bicycles:)


2 Responses to “A special guest”

  1. Pedal Paradise 22/10/2010 at 20:22 #

    Just found you! Love the pictures. Bike porn always makes me turn my head.

  2. Rous 04/11/2010 at 19:11 #

    Those handlebars look very excited to see you ;)

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