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Conor’s bicycle

25 Oct

Despite what you might assume is Peru (judging from the animals in the background), this photo was taken in Berlin. A perfect example of what an awesome bicycle looks like to me: shiny frame, bull handlebars and, of course, a quirky saddle. I’m not completely objective here, since this bike belongs to my friend Conor so I guess I have more attachment to it than a random bike I found on the street. Conor changed this bike’s handlebars himself and I take the opportunity to congratulate him, because it looks great. This reminds me of the fact that I should join a bike workshop again (as I did in Sydney). I think I have forgotten all the mechanics I learned back then. And a bike lover is not complete until he or she understands the mechanics behind the aesthetics. To me, they both go hand by hand.

A special guest

22 Oct

We have a special guest today, since we’re back in Berlin. I’ve had the privilege to ride this bike a couple of times myself and perhaps due to the fact I survived, I feel a special connection to it. On both occasions I wasn’t at my best (let’s say I wasn’t aware of the danger of riding a tall bike with fixed gears) but one thing I do remember is how fast the pedals went. At one point I just raised my legs and let them spin until, slowing down bit by bit, I could take control again. It felt great, specially used as I was to my slow ‘city style’ bike. This bike goes fast, like very fast, and it’s not on your power to stop: avoid red lights at all costs and you’ll get wherever you have to go in the city probably faster than the U-Bahn. That’s what I liked about this bike, it felt more like a challenge than your my usual old-lady bike. Hitting the road was an adventure! No offence, Storm.

But anyway, this bicycle has a beautiful frame and I love the contrast of the handle bars in red. It only needs a rad seat like yesterday’s post to be perfect, right? You can tell I like eccentric looking bicycles:)

Red bicycle with funky seat

21 Oct

Well well well, so it seems Barcelona is not so bad after all. There are some creative types there somewhere. This one was locked in the most unexpected place, as that neighbourhood is quite empty, with just some scattered houses and office buildings. I was tempted to leave a note saying how much I loved the seat!


18 Oct

It’s been so hard to find a decent bicycle in Barcelona. It’s not like in Berlin, where fantastic bikes are ubiquitous among all sorts of people. To start with, here the “Bicing” bicycles (those that you can rent only for half an hour and then leave in any of the stations) are very popular. Then, the tedious mountain bikes are everywhere! However, every so often you do see a remarkable bicycle such as the one above. It’s definitely not my favourite but it deserves to be in this blog!